Kaiserdisco - Red Planet EP - KD RAW

Release date: 1. June 2020

BEATPORT PRE-SALE: https://bit.ly/KDRAW044 


And suddenly in the blink of an eye, the whole world changed. And while we all are struggling with this new reality, Kaiserdisco found their release in the one place where they were quarantined: the studio. 


While A-side "InSight" might start of as that filthy RAW sound you have been known to expect from them, halfway through the track switches gears and brings you a nostalgic throwback to the past.  And on the flip side we find "Spirit". A surefire destroyer on all the in-house livestreams. 


Kaiserdisco - Snakes EP - KD RAW

Release date: 17. February 2020

BEATPORT PRE-SALE: http://bit.ly/KDRAW036


Rebranded, reinvigorated and recharged, Kaiserdisco is back once again at KD RAW with the behemoth that is the Snakes EP. This slithering collection of relentless techno stompers has been a staple in the Kaiserdisco sets for a while now and is ready to be released onto the world.


On the A1 side we find Taipan: large, fast-moving, highly venomous, and endemic to every dark brooding club the label head honchos have toured this summer. 



On the B-side we find the Pythonidae, als known as the Python. While non venomous, this ferocious groover and modular synth induced stabs are sure to stun its listener. 


On closing duties we find the intro tool called Viper, with its hinged fangs its venom feels similar to this slowly building climax tool.


Without further ado, please deliver yourself to this collection of RAW.