Kaiserdisco share their first Drumcode EP in eight years.

March 2024


With a knack for clever vocal hooks and crisp production, Kaiserdisco are never far from Adam Beyer’s thinking when it comes scheduling Drumcode releases. With this in mind, it feels almost unbelievable to think ‘Error in the System’ will be the duo’s first EP on Drumcode since 2016. 


In recent times the pair has contributed tracks to the label, highlighted last year’s ‘Get on the Dancefloor’ on A-Sides Vol.12 and their popular single ‘Together One Time’ from 2022. 


‘Error in the System’ marks their return to the EP format and is an absolute treat. Lead track ‘In the Music’ is a trippy roller that lures you into a dancefloor trance via an addictive vocal hook, before morphing into an acid-drenched stomper in the second half. The title track is a peak-time head spinner, characterised by muted tones and industrial effects, it’s an eerie and powerful slice of club machinery crafted for maximum impact.


December 2023

Techno aficionados Kaiserdisco drop a sonic bomb with their latest track, "Get On The Dancefloor," released under Adam Beyer's revered Drumcode label. 



Kaiserdisco – Get On The Dancefloor - Drumcode